Episode 1 – Getting Organized

Award-winning author Tasra Dawson gives scrapbooking lessons, life lessons, profiles of real women, and news and reviews. In this episode, Tasra talks about getting your photos organized.

Thanks for tuning in this week. It really is time to get organized and stop feeling guilty. For more tips and ideas on getting your photos organized, visit Lessons from the Scrapbook Page and sign up for our free monthly newsletter. We’ll send you a copy of the eBook “How to Get Your Photos Organized.” Next week we’ll explore how to create a life you love by creating a plan and living with intention.

Submit a Product or Show Idea
If you’d like to submit a show idea or product for review, please contact us by email: email (at) realwomenscrap.com. Special thanks to Helene’s Custom Framing and Scrapbooking in Santa Rosa, CA. If you’re in Santa Rosa, please stop by Helene’s and let her know you saw her on Real Women Scrap TV.
Featured Products

Expanding Photo Organizer:
This free-standing file with expanding base will hold over 200 4×6 photos. Heavy duty and waterproof poly.Cropperhopper

Cropper Hopper Photo Case:
Holds over 2000 4×6 photos. Movable dividers allow you to create sections. 12 acid-free index cards create reference guides for each section. Opposite side opens to 12×13 for large photos and memorabilia.

Power Sort Mini Box:
• Photo-safe
• Holds up to 600 5 x 7 photos
• Removable compartments and dividers
• Detachable cover and base
• ID pocket on the front

Large Photo Organizing SystemsWermemorykeepers
Memory Dock Photo Cube Storage:
One mountable cube with two 4 x 6 storage boxes, two 4 x 6 photo albums with 160 pockets for photos and writable margin space to the side of each photo pocket.

Power_sortPower Sort Box:
• Photo-safe
• Holds up to 2,400 5 x 7 photos
• Removable compartments and dividers
• Detachable cover and base
• Pocket on the inside cover for larger photos and memorabilia
• ID pocket on the front

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2 responses to “Episode 1 – Getting Organized

  1. Great advice & product recommendations!!
    Your book sounds like it was written just for me!
    I can’t wait to get it!!
    Thank you for looking at scrapping as a part of an overall process… I think you have to be at a point in your life where you are looking inward to be able to create long lasting memories that are felt from the heart!! It is refreshing to read some of your perspectives!!
    Take Care!
    Maria :0)

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