Episode 2 – An Organized Life


2 responses to “Episode 2 – An Organized Life

  1. Debbie Buckland

    Tasra, I do like what you have to say in this is a great thought provoking episode.

    8 weeks ago I gave birth to my son. I also have a daughter almost 3 years old. So life always seams so busy with cleaning, cooking, work etc. I am finding that time to spend with just the kids and my hubby is hard let alone do scrapbooking.

    I am finding spaces though to do things and your tips and hints will help me out heaps.

    Thanks once again for sharing this episode with us.

    Debbie Buckland (Fiskateer #352)

  2. Excellent video….It really is the first step in scrapbooking. I discuss this topic with new scrapbookers more than the “photos in the shoebox” talk.

    Cropping out the “foxes” that can steal away our time and precious energy is a daily process.

    Love your passion and look forward to each and every episode.

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