Welcome to Real Women Scrap TV – the show that helps people get inspired to take back their time, find balance, liberate their creativity, and pursue their passions. With scrap lessons and life lessons, we bring together the best of both worlds and help you begin making choices to live intentionally and create the life and layouts you want.

My name is Tasra Dawson and I’m the host of Real Women Scrap TV. I’m a full time author, personal discovery coach, speaker, scrapper, and mother.

Learning and applying the lessons of balance, focus, symmetry, boundaries, comparison, sisterhood, and more allowed me to quit a stressful job and begin taking care of myself at least as well as I take care of everyone else. The same can happen to you…which is why this show exists…to inspire, educate, inform, entertain, and connect.

I’ve been blogging since May 2006 after a chance meeting at a writing seminar. The rest is history. You might think working on such a variety of projects would fill my life up – not true. I have a number of other ‘hats’ in life that I work on including:

* COACHING – I have a passion for working with individuals and groups ready to take their lives, business, or creativity to a new level. Coaching is the ideal place for this to happen.

* BLOG CONSULTING – I have recently started taking on some work with small businesses wanting to explore how blogging can enhance their online marketing strategy. Blogging has transformed my life and business and as a former teacher, I enjoy teaching others the things I have learned.

* SPEAKING – I regularly speak at conventions, expos, conferences, workshops, retreats, and groups (MOPS, scrapbooking, etc.) on a variety of topics including faith, inspiration, balance, busyness, blogging, online marketing, writing, and publishing.

I hope you’ve been given a look at the “real” women behind the blog. If you’re a scrapper, writer, or blogger and want to take your life to the next level, drop me a note.


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  1. You sound like someone I need as a friend! Looking forward to the Real Woman Crop 4/13 in NJ.

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