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Episode 8 – Keep Yourself in the Picture

Are you showing up in your photos and scrapbooks?

Are you keeping yourself in the picture, both on and off the page?

Chances are, the answer is no. Too many of us spend our days running from one activity, commitment and obligation to the next. Then we wonder why we end up frazzled, exhausted, and empty. If this sounds at all familiar, watch this week’s episode of Real Women Scrap TV now. It will show you some strategies for keeping yourself connected, and getting rid of the regret and guilt.

If you know a busy mom or career woman who could use the message, feel free to click the “share” link above and send the video to them. You can also add it to your blog by getting the embed code here. (Need help posting the video? Send me an email.)

As always, keep it simple and find your focus.

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Comic Relief for Great Expectations

This week Real Women Scrap TV is bringing you a little comic relief that we can all relate to. With Mother’s Day and National Scrapbook Day on the way, many women are feeling the pressure of trying to get everything done. But all too frequently our realities don’t come anywhere near our expectations.

Watch this special episode now to see if this looks or sounds familiar…

Visit Lessons from the Scrapbook Page for 3 ideas from Tasra about how to manage your expectations.

Episode 2 – An Organized Life